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About Us

The International, Political and Policy Studies Student Association (IPPSSA) is the representative body of students in Political Science, Public Administration (PAP), and International Studies & Modern Languages (EIL) at the University of Ottawa. IPPSSA maintains one of the largest student memberships on campus, and serves a diverse student body with an active and vibrant calendar of academic and social activities!

IPPSSA is a recognized student government (RSG) that acts as a liaison for students to their faculties, the Students' Union (UOSU) and the University Administration. It is led by a team of elected and appointed students, headed by a President, with nine Vice Presidents, three Year Representatives and several Directors for special roles and projects. This Executive team is elected from the membership of the RSG, and is responsible for running IPPSSA for the duration of the school year.


In addition to its role in liaising with the faculty and the UOSU, IPPSSA is responsible for a variety of social and academic events, such as 101 Week, Model Parliament, the Public Policy Conference, Autumn's Up, and more! Make sure to check out our Upcoming Events calendar!


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