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Internship Program

Applications for the fall internship program are now open! The internship program connects students with offices in the House of Commons, Senate, and City Hall. Check out the link in our bio to find the application link! Any questions can be sent to



IPPSSA, the association representing all students studying Political Science, Public Administration, and International and Modern Languages Studies at the University of Ottawa is looking to connect students with volunteer internships on Parliament Hill, and in the National Capital Region.


Established in 2017, the Internship program is the largest student-created political internship program in Ottawa. It has provided much-needed entry-level experience to students and has been a resounding success in the IPPSSA community.


Hundreds of students have been placed in the offices of Members of Parliament, Senators, and Ottawa City Councillors.

Requirements of Students 

  •  Students will work part-time for a period running from Late-September to early December

  • Work consistent hours ranging from 5-15 per week. 

  • Have an open mind, willing to work and perform any task required within reason.

  • Use discretion and be respectful towards the MP/Senator/City Councillor and his/her/their staff. 

  • Agree to sign a non-confidentiality agreement should the office require it. 

  • Provide feedback to IPPSSA in the form of a report to be featured on our website and what was learned during the internship. A template report will be provided with questions to be answered. 

  • *NEW* Keep track of their hours during their placements.



The Internship Program does not do the security clearance process for Interns. Given that different Offices have different requirements this process is undertaken by Offices.

Hours for each Intern are on a case-by-case basis discussed between the Intern and the office at the beginning of the internship. Through our application process, we try to ensure that office operational hours are matched with students of similar availability.


Offices are under no obligation to keep an intern if they determine they are not adequately fulfilling their responsibilities. All we ask however is that you notify IPPSSA if issues arise. If possible, we would like to replace interns that are dismissed. This is because dozens of students apply and only a few students are fortunate enough to receive placements. 


The tasks assigned to interns are up to the office. We ask that IPPSSA interns be treated like any other intern. To truly get an understanding of how the system works they must be given the same treatment. 


Internship positions are on a voluntary basis. Offices are at their own discretion whether they would like to include payment for their placed interns. Interns can also log University of Ottawa recognized volunteer hours.


Offices are free to retain interns after the program has ended. Last year many interns received full-time paid employment after their internship concluded. 


Applicants may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to work in certain offices. 


Some applicants may not have political affiliations with any party and may be willing to work in any office. Some will want to only work in offices of a certain political party. Offices also have the ability to set restrictions. Just let us know ahead of time, and we can accommodate any request.

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