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General Assemblies

The General Assembly provides students with the opportunity to engage with their leaders and fellow students in shaping the future of AÉÉIPPSSA. Executives will update students on what they have accomplished this term. Students can propose motions, constitutional amendments and/or calls to action, which are debated and voted on. If these measures are passed, they will be acted on/implemented in the upcoming term.

How To Write A Motion / Comment écrire une motion


To submit your motion, please email it to For more help, writing an effective motion, you can visit him during his office hours Wednesday 2:30-3:50 and Thursday 5:30-6:50. The link below details how to write a motion and what to keep in mind when writing a motion. 

Aide-mémoire pour les règles de procédures / Robert's Rules of Order Cheat Sheet

The Robert Rules of Order is used to ​understand how specific actions during the General Assembly will be executed and who that action involves. It includes information like what should be said for that action, if you can interrupt the speaker and who the outcome is decided by. 

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