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Fall Scholarships

IPPSSA is offering more than $10,000 scholarships! Open to all IPPSSA students: undergraduate students studying Political Science, Public Administration or International Studies and Modern Languages. 

All applications will be reviewed blindly. If successful, candidates will be contacted by February 11, 2023. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

Deadline to apply: Wednesday, January 10, 2023​

Disabled Students Scholarship (up to $500)
Indigenous Students Scholarship (up to $500)
Students of Colour Scholarship (up to $500)
2SLGBTQIA+ Students Scholarship (up to $500)
Community Engagement Scholarship (up to $250)
Policy Proposal Scholarship (up to $250)
Third Language (EIL) Scholarship (up to $250)
Scholarship for those whose first language is French or who are fully bilingual (up to $250)
Scholarship for those making an effort to learn French
(up to $250)
Scholarship for those studying in French (up to $250)
Scholarship for those who demonstrate leadership in French (up to $250)
1st Year Students Scholarship (up to $250) 
2nd Year Students Scholarship (up to $250) 
Senior Year (3rd+) Students Scholarship (up to $250) 
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